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Local Staff Accreditation

Please read the information below before registration. Proceed to Registration Form

Please note that the UNCTAD 14 accreditation for the local staff shall proceed as follows. The registration entities have been divided as below:-

  1. Security - Mercy Mwasaru
  2. Registration and Accreditation - Joel Sande - registration@unctad14nairobi.org
  3. Transport - unctadtransport@mfa.go.ke
  4. Protocol/ Liaison - Sifa Pendo
  5. Conference Facilities
  6. Hotel Accommodation & Hospitality
  7. Medical Services
  8. Budget and Procurement
  9. Publicity and Communication
  10. KICC - Justus Kivindyo
  11. Exhibitors
  13. Nairobi County Government

Each Group/Entity shall have a Group Coordinator (GC). The GC will receive a user name and password and in turn re-distribute it to all the members under the group/entity for self registration. Proceed to the address  http://unctad14nairobi.org/local-staff-registration-form and use the user name and password supplied to register. NB you will need to have a scanned copy of your ID/Passport and passport image handy for attachment to the registration form. Official Drivers will additionally need scanned copies of their Driver's License.

  • Accreditation badges for local staff (anyone that shall need access into KiCC during the UNCTAD conference period) shall only be printed after a list of a person is generated by the GC and the person proceeds to register on-line using the above link.

  • The GC will also be reponsible for populating an excel list strictly using the template provided for all persons wishing to be granted an access badge.

  • The printed badges will be collected by the GC or their appointees.

Only the GC and their appointees shall be allowed unfettered access to the Accreditation Centre.

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